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Global Sourcing.
Local Expertise.

Driving Measurable Benefits With High Performance Sourcing and Procurement.

As the leader in Sourcing Support and Procurement Outsourcing solutions, we help companies across a wide range of industries on their journey to high performance in offshore Sourcing & Procurement. Our High-Performance Sourcing Framework is a Plug-n-Play solution for all industries, sourcing categories, sizes and capabilities. It uses data, automation and ‘effective’ collaboration to better guide buying decisions, improve supplier relations and accelerate time-to-market with lower risk, at a lower total cost.


Sourcing & Category Management

We put the depth of our multinational network and expertise into action to identify and manage the best supplier relationships on the market, perform meticulous contract management and identify opportunities to continuously improve relationships.

Product Sourcing Support

We help companies identify better opportunities by analyzing spending trends and market information that point to additional savings. We then combine this analysis with fast, reliable buying strategies to leverage competition and negotiate the best achievable price.

Procurement Operations

For companies looking beyond smaller scale operational cost reductions to value-generating procurement transformation, TSS offers compelling solutions, deeply skilled resources and a track record of innovation, measurable results and game-changing implementations.

Winning The Profit Game.

Building the Ultimate Revenue Center: TSS Impact

With the opening up of global economies, there’s no reason why companies shouldn’t source from the best suppliers across the world. However, the process of sourcing/procuring from players in the market is long drawn out and time consuming where the sourcing division analyses all proposals to come up with biased and jaded solutions.

TSS has an extraordinarily broad scope, with an unparalleled perspective both on the requirements of the business and on the supplier landscape, including suppliers’ capabilities and motivations. That perspective allows us to stimulate healthy competition, while fully accounting for the client’s needs and objectives. Our High-Performance Sourcing Framework yields a wide range of benefits including:

If a company sells an additional product, a large percentage of the sale often foes to the cost of goods sold and to the cost of sales, boosting revenues but ultimately improving profitability only nominally. By contrast, every dollar our sourcing and procurement team saves through it’s efforts goes straight to the bottom line. The return on the bottom line is arguably greater when you negotiate and drive savings to the bottom line versus selling more product.

In addition to meticulous, enterprise-level approach to sourcing activity, we also bring deep market insight, well-honed expertise in negotiating and managing supplier agreements, and a wide-angle view on supplier relationships across the company’s business lines, functional areas and activities across the globe.

by working on sourcing and procurement without significant disruptions in their operations and without having to wait for moves focused on revenue generation to produce results.

As business requirements and compliance needs become more extensive and complex, so do the risks associated with supplier relationships. Ensuring compliance with both internal policies and external regulations is more challenging than ever before and requires the participation of a broader set of stakeholders. We contribute enterprise-wide value by providing a collaborative environment that has a real-time lens on business agreements including but not limited to contracts governing purchases.

As a High-Performance Sourcing & Procurement company, we specialize in partnering and collaborating with internal stakeholders to gin a deep understanding of business requirements. At the same time, in our role as an expert consultant positioned between the enterprise and the supply base, we are closely engaged with suppliers and vendors to come up with innovative solutions and fresh ways of approaching business problems. Bu leveraging relationships with the local suppliers, we can help drive innovation, improve product quality, and reduce costs. That can be particularly important in extremely fast-growing organizations that need to move quickly to find innovative solutions for an ever-changing constellation of business needs.


Higher Profit Margins With No Quality Loss.

Needs Assessment

Clients fill out our standardized RFQ form with details about the product, certifications, payment terms, etc.

Sample Testing

Wherever required, we collect and conduct QA for product/commodity samples to determine quality standards.

Production Oversight

Our SRM team will develop & execute SRM programs to track and measure supplier KPIs throughout the contract life cycle.

Supplier Discovery

Using this information, we conduct an initial screening of suppliers from our network to determine availability and terms.

Factory Audits

Our regional teams conduct a thorough audit to inspect Equipment, Assembly lines,  Storage Areas, Machinery Conditions, etc.

Quality Assessment

Our in-house QA teams, or one of our third-party affiliates conduct mid & post production QA to verify quality standards.

RFI to Suppliers

Suppliers shortlisted from initial screening fill out our industry- standardized RFI form with relevant details & price quotations.

Contract Negotiations

Our dedicated teams negotiate the final contract addressing costs, quality levels, payment terms, resolution of issues, etc.

Clearance & Shipping

Upon completion and Post- Production Inspection, our Logistic partners will ship the order to it’s destination.

Supplier Screening

We use these RFI submissions to rank suppliers on manufacturing capability & price competitiveness & make our recommendations.

Issue Purchase Order

A supplier that best meets all evaluation criteria and standards is issued a Purchase Order and is introduced to our SRM team.


Personal Connection at Global Scale.

We operate in an industry built on trust. This can only be achieved through communication and experienced support.- from the first contact, past it’s ten year anniversary.

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