Robust QA Mechanism

Redeure- the innovation leader in the world of quality, the process of making quality products starts by selecting the right suppliers as they play a vital role in bringing your product to market. Over the years, we have developed robust supplier quality management processes which identify suppliers that can meet and exceed quality standards. These processes are designed to the following guidelines in mind:

  • Clear communication with the suppliers complying to the industry standards.
  • Visibility of supplier records and activities .
  • Accessibility to accurate information of the product .
  • Extracting meaningful and reliable data process and workflow consistency from the supplier onboarding process. 
  • Centralized supplier data such as address its context product certifications.

Redeure’s global sourcing and procurement outsourcing solutions collects data about volatile supplier quality, and calculates the performance of their supplier by reviewing incoming non-conforming materials, supplier audits, documents, certifications and more. After analysing all such data we generate a scorecard of each supplier and share the same with our clients and stakeholders in their organization.

Our Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) teams work in collaboration with our Vendor development teams to further classify this data and further classify suppliers into three different categories based on cost impact and operational risk to the client: basic,tactical and strategic. The SRM teams have dedicated SRM programs in place to manage all three categories of suppliers, to always ensure quality standards and delivery timelines are met without exception.