Metals & Mining

Metals & Mining

Thailand has developed a thriving metal export industry, contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth. The strategic location, skilled workforce, and robust manufacturing infrastructure have played a vital role in the success of this sector. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of Thailand’s metal exports, including key figures and relevant data from credible sources.

1. Introduction:

Thailand’s metal export sector encompasses a wide range of products, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, processed metal products, and more. The industry has witnessed substantial growth, positioning Thailand as a valuable contributor to the global metal market.

2. Export Data:

To gain insights into Thailand’s metal exports, we will examine data from credible sources, including the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) and the World Steel Association.

A. Ferrous Metals:

  • In 2019, Thailand’s ferrous metal exports were valued at approximately $2.2 billion, contributing to the country’s strong position in the global market.
  • The export value of ferrous metals increased to $2.4 billion in 2020, showcasing the sector’s resilience during challenging economic conditions.
  • By 2021, Thailand’s ferrous metal exports reached an estimated value of $2.6 billion, reflecting consistent growth in this category.

B. Non-Ferrous Metals:

  • In 2019, Thailand’s non-ferrous metal exports were valued at approximately $1.7 billion, contributing significantly to the country’s metal export revenue.
  • The export value of non-ferrous metals increased to $1.8 billion in 2020, reinforcing Thailand’s presence in the global non-ferrous metal market.
  • By 2021, Thailand’s non-ferrous metal exports reached an estimated value of $1.9 billion, reflecting continued growth in this category.

C. Processed Metal Products:

  • Processed metal products, including automotive parts and machinery components, are also a substantial component of Thailand’s metal exports.
  • In 2021, the export value of processed metal products was approximately $2.3 billion, contributing significantly to the country’s overall metal export revenue.

3. Key Export Products:

Thailand’s metal exports cover a wide range of products, including steel products, aluminum, copper, and various metal components. These products cater to diverse industries and international markets.

4. Success Stories:

Several Thai companies have achieved significant success in the metal export industry:

A. Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI): SSI is one of Thailand’s leading steel producers, with a strong presence in international markets. The company specializes in manufacturing hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, and other steel products.

B. Thai Metal Trade Public Company Limited: Thai Metal Trade is a prominent exporter of non-ferrous metals, particularly aluminum and copper products. The company has established a strong international presence through its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

C. Thai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (TISCO): TISCO is a key player in Thailand’s steel industry, producing stainless steel products for various applications, including construction and industrial sectors.

5. Future Prospects:

Thailand’s metal export industry is poised for continued growth. As global industries continue to rely on quality metal products for manufacturing, construction, and various applications, Thailand’s commitment to innovation, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable sourcing will contribute to the sector’s competitiveness and reliability.


Thailand’s success in metal exports, as reflected in the export data and success stories, highlights the country’s growing significance in the global metal market.