Integrated Logistics Support

Planning your supply chain is as crucial at the destination as the point of origin. Redeure offers a comprehensive integrated logistics & order management solution for importers. Through our affiliate partnerships, importers are able to gain better visibility into their shipments, centralize all communication, ensure document compliance and utilize business intelligence for greater efficiency. We offer complete visibility into planned manufacturing schedules, departure from origin port, arrival day and time import facility, arrival appointments, customs clearance and departure from the port or rail. Redeure and it’s affiliates centralize communication to maintain quality control and proper planning at all stages in the import process. 

We also ensure important documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists, importer security filings, and other documents all match your shipments. That way your shipments can continue from the port to their final destinations without delays or damage. Throughout the import process we offer business intelligence tools so that you can proactively monitor your supply chain to look for ways to optimize and reduce costs.