Complete Visibility

Supply Chains have become drastically tailored with the increase in technology- the access to data and making that available across your end-to-end network. Products, workforce, industrial assets are connected through technology, through ecosystems, through people and capabilities that only were not always available. The changes that we are seeing in the market as a result are quite dramatic, and if organizations aren’t looking for where disruption has come they’re going to be disrupted themselves. With millions of moving parts, industrial supply chains are incredibly complex, but collaborative technologies can help. 

Today, most traditional logistics solutions are either too generic or too expensive to implement. They don’t operate in real-time and they don’t provide enough useful context. Historically, the supply chain was relegated to being a back-office support function. As we move forward it’s not just about having a great product or service it’s about delivering a great customer experience. Customers want choice, they want personalization, they want what they want, where they want it, when they want it, and all those have implications on the supply chains. As an organization, Redeure world hard to stay well connected to its clients using internal and external information to flow that through end to end so they can be very proactive in the way that they manage that to meet those customer needs.

Truly effective supply chain optimization requires complete, end-to-end visibility across the supply chain ecosystem. Redeure’s global sourcing and procurement solutions provide real-time information on the status of a shipment, including current location, optimal route, and any sensor data provided by the shipment. This increased visibility helps enterprises and logistics managers reduce misplacements and delays, while minimizing production slow-downs and shipping costs. 

Simultaneously, logistics managers can understand ETAs, so they can re-plan capacity in near real time. Visibility into a complete logistics journey enables optimized asset utilization, reduced waste and increased inventory velocity. Through it’s strong affiliate group of logistics producers and global delivery network, Redeure provides valuable insights across the entire supply chain process to companies, helping them identify risks and eliminate obstacles ahead of time. 

Powered by rich, fresh and accurate location data, real-time tracking technologies and analytics clients can keep close tabs on inbound and outbound logistics.