Over the past few years, sourcing activity for turnkey manufacturing and fabrication solutions has been on the rise, recording an increase of roughly 47% the past year alone. Three of the top industried driving this sourcing trend are industrial equipment manufacturing, energy and utilities, and automotive. Turnkey manufacturing as a service allows a business to outsource everything from a new product or parts design, materials acquisition, manufacturing process and testing to packaging distribution and service- all with a single supplier. It enables a business to streamline its suipply chain while using minimal internal resources and overhead with new business friendly tax laws and reduce regulatory burdens. The bar to entry into business for small business startups has been lowered which could explain some of the increase our data shows.

A strong economy and a booming manufacturing sector in Thailand continues to benefit businesses of all sizes. At the same time, a fierce competitino both domestically and overseas is forcing companies to streamline their processes and stay agile contracting with turnkey manufacturers to reduce fixed costs and focus internal process on optimizing their bottom line.

AESourcing provides turnkey manufacturing solutions for the design, engineering, fabrication, packaging, and shipping of products we manufacture through our network of verified suppliers.

AESourcing brings a breadth and depth of experience to take on the most challenging projects in industrial manufacturing and fabrication. Our proven capabilities allow us to deliver complete projects on time and without cost overruns- from proof of concept design, lab validation, and industrialization to high volume production and supply.

Co-Engineered Solutoins

Suppliers in our network have cross-functional design and engineering taems that colaborate with stakeholders in your organization to ensure economies of scale and quick turnaround times. They have cutting-edge technology that allows them to reverse-engineer your drawings and find innovative ways to cut time and expense from it's manufacture.

Suppliers in our network also provide material testing reports that identify all materials and processes from source to completion. International projects adhere to all relevant standards as well.

Additional Benefits

You'll have a an assigned customer service representative dedicated to answering your technical as well as logistical questions.

AESourcing only works with suppliers that have made significant investments in terms of social and financial capital to be at the cutting edge of both.

In addition to working with pre-vetted and verified manufacturers and fabricators, we work with our affiliate storage and logistics partners to give our clients the option of additional cost savings.