Working with an overseas manufacturer can be a tricky business. It involves a lot of back-and-forth communication about product specifications, quality and cost. Here are five strategies that can help you avoid the worst possible encounters with your manufacturer:

  • Start by finding five potential manufacturers. The ideal would be receiving a referral but you can also find plenty of verified options with Veritas Sourcing Suppliers and our partners based out of India and neighboring countries.
  • Ask for an NDA. Asking for an NDA can help weed out suppliers who don’t always play by the rules.
  • Pay attention to communication. As you work with these 5 potential suppliers take note of email response time. If you’re working with Veritas Sourcing, you won’t have to deal with delayed responses and language barriers.
  • Make your decision. When you’ve narrowed your list to the final few, get serious about pricing and time commitments.
  • Quality control is key. Don’t rely on your manufacturer to ensure quality. Either visit yourself or hire a third party to inspect quality. Veritas has qualified and trained American representatives on ground in India doing all of the QA to ensure products are manufactured to specification.

Hopefully these quick 5 tips can help you and your company as you explore the many sourcing opportunities available to you!