Finding a CM can be difficult, especially when you’re looking overseas. Here are some questions you should be asking.

One: What quantity are you planning to order in the first few years?

Two: How much production volume do you expect relative to the number of SKUs?

Three: How important is protecting your intellectual property?

Four: do you expect the CM to help you with product development? With compliance?

Five: What is the capability of your potential CM?

Six: What is your potential CM’s QC capability and what are their testing requirements?

Seven: Do they have elaborate in-line testing equipment?

Eight: What level of liability do you expect from your CM?

Nine: What payment terms can they offer?

And ten: What delivery terms do you want?

These questions can be good starting points to get the conversation moving in the right direction. You don’t necessarily have to cover all of them with each potential supplier, but definitely choose a few to prioritize.